Nick Joebgen

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Deep In The Woods (Unity Engine)

Deep In The Woods is a relationship game about building emotions and bonds with other entities, and I was the designer behind the creation of the level and VFX seen in the game. Using the Unity Editor and it's tools, I was able to mold and form the terrain to feel like a forest ground, painting on textures to depict grass and a dirt path. I then took art assets created by our artists and populated the world with the trees, bushes, stumps, and other forest items that are seen in the game. I wanted to give the feeling of immersion and that this was only one section of the forest, so the edges of the map have a lot more trees in order to give the feeling of a dense forest. For lighting, I made the forest a bit darker than daylight, to add the the effect of a dense forest. I then lightmapped the entire scene, before adding in another light to cast certain dynamic shadows. To add a final touch to the level, I created a falling leaf particle effect, to add in another level of immersion and beauty to the level.