Nick Joebgen

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YouTube Video     |||     Download Level

Distant Island (Unreal Engine 4)

Distant Island is an open world based level built in the style of a fantasy island that has been long forgotten. Many of my inspirations came from the Animal Crossing games, Harvest Moon games, and Final Fantasy games, as my goal was to construct an island that felt peaceful and relaxing, but could also hold the option for quests and adventures. I chose an island as the setting to help provide the feeling of seclusion and safety, as well as to give an escape from every day hustle and bustle, letting Players step into a zone where time means nothing and one can be at ease. Being an open-world map, I included a few different sections that had different feelings to them, to give the feeling that there are different types of lifestyle being led, from farmers to forest dwellers, to village folk and even secluded hermits. 


Fantasy Tavern (Unreal Engine 4)

Fantasy Tavern is a level I built using Unreal Engine 4, in the style of a tavern that would be seen in an Elder Scrolls game or any other realistic fantasy game. The assets used in this level were provided from the Bumping Pub asset by Bumping Workshop. Fantasy games are some of my favorite to play and one of my favorite parts in finding all the different taverns imagining myself sitting there by a roaring fire, telling tales of adventures. I always like the idea of a bar that wraps around a corner, so a bartender can greet guests and still keep an eye on the entire tavern. I first mapped this out on grid paper, top down style, and then proceeded to use BSPs to block everything out. Then, I placed in assets, added in VFXs, and then lit the entire scene. Possible improvements to this scene will include adding a second floor for bedrooms, and a secret dungeon found in the back storage room.