Nick Joebgen

Personal Projects

Level Design Projects

Here you will find a compilation of level design projects I've worked on in my spare and educational time, utilizes a variety of game engines. I have found that the best way to learn a new engine, or get better with it, is through designing a level. Then, there are other times when I'm feeling particularly artistic and so I'll break into the content packages I've purchased, in order to build the level I see in my head. It has helped me to become a better System Designer, as I build levels and think of the game systems I'd want to implement.



Student, Experimental, and Alternative Projects

Within this gallery are a variety of student projects that I've worked on, which generally fall under the experimental and alternative projects. Working on these student projects are what allowed me to learn and grow as a System Designer. I served as the system designer for all projects posted here, creating and fine tuning the system mechanics for experimental and alternative games. Working in this medium is very fun and rewarding for me, as a developer, because I get to see games in a new light. Not only are games a fun way to relax, they can tell stories, raise awareness, or even provide comical relief. This is why I enjoy working on experimental and alternative games, to build thought provoking experiences that make Players stop and think for a second before they make choices. When I can use video games to make the world a better and more aware place, I'll always take the chance.

Game Jams

I have been participating in game jams for since 2013, which I find to be a great way to get fun new ideas into the open and see if anything comes of them. From Ludum Dares to Bacon Jams, to even Global Game Jam, I've found all sorts of fun jams to participate in. Sometimes I work solo and other times it's with teams, but every time I make sure to have fun and bring energy with me! It's how my 2015 GGJ team survived and took first place at the IGDA Chicago Chapter! The reason I enjoy game jams is because it lets me grow as a developer and try new things. It also continually teaches me to keep a low scope in mind and rapidly iterate on prototypes so that success is met. Each game jam teaches me something new and lets me improve upon my own skills, which is why you won't see me turn down an opportunity to participate, when I can.

Virtual Reality Projects

Virtual reality is an exciting medium and one that I've had the unique opportunity to work with already. During the final two years of my college career, I got the chance to develop projects for the Oculus Rift (Both DK1 and DK2), as well as the Samsung Gear VR. Designing levels and systems for virtual reality is something completely different that leads to wild and unexpected things happening sometimes. However, it's great to be able to see projects in a 3D setting and work with the unique technology to create new things that couldn't be made otherwise. I look forward to being able to continue working on virtual reality projects, and entering huge discussions with people about the field.