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Development Log: Fantasy Town Day 7

Posted by admin on December 22, 2015


Okay, this is going to be another short check-in, as I'm also getting ready for a Space Scavengers work meeting that should be a lot of fun and yield fruitful results. I also only got about an hour to work on the level today, as holidays start this week and today was busy with preparations. Picking up from where we last left off, I was working on getting a mountain into the level, that was behind the main village and could be another zone of exploration for the Player. I also want this mountain to be the source of the water in the rivers, and for Players to clearly understand that. 


Well, let's start off by saying when I opened Unreal, I was not happy with how the current mountain looked. It didn't feel like a mountain at all, and nothing felt organic or natural about it. So, I scrapped it, and gave myself a clean slate. This time, I worked with the terrain to build the mountain from the ground up, running my tool over all the areas that would make the summit. Just from this alone I started seeing better results, so I kept working with it. Once I reached my desired height, I used the flattening tool to level off the top of the mountain, giving an explorable summit that the I'll later feel in with objects. Once the summit was done, I started working on the other parts of the mountain that lead up to it, giving a natural slope downwards, back to the ground. From there, I added in a ramp and smoothed everything off. Once that was done, I added in a small pond at the top of the summit, and worked the terrain to get a small trench running down the side, that water could flow through.

Okay, that's a really fast description of what I did. In all honesty, the mountain is really the only thing I did with the hour that I had to work. The good news is that the results are much better than before and I'm much happier with it. This level is slowly starting to come towards completion, as I'm now just figuring out where I want to put the final objects in the world and what should go on top of the mountain. My hope is I'll get a few days over the next two weeks to finish this up. Until then, happy holidays!


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