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Development Log: Fantasy Town Day 6

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Posted by admin on December 17, 2015


This is going to be a quicker update today as I decided to stream the process and I'm a bit tired from the talking. The goal of today's session was to get more of the actual village fleshed out on the island, and while I didn't get as much done as I wanted, it's coming together. 

Lots of fences

A lot of what today was included putting fences into the village, to define clear paths that the Player could walk on. There are some more open spaces and some areas that are walled off into sections. As I explained in the video, the reasoning behind this is to create organic looking paths that make sense

Rocks, rocks, rocks,

Utilizing different rocks to create paths was also one of the more tedious yet worthwhile things I did today, because of how the rock paths turned out and the natural feeling they gave off. As I explained in the video, I didn't want it took look like I was duplicating five rocks over and over, so this involved a lot of rotating the duplicated rocks to make them all look different from each other. 

Turn off the lights

Today also involved a bunch of turning my scene lights on and off. While I want to keep them on more and more, sometimes the shadows are blocking areas I need to see. Hotkeys are crucial at this point, to be able to quickly turn stuff on and off. 

A river as a wall

So one of the big questions that remained for me was how to create a barrier between the southern part of the island and the village. I want Players to have to take a specific path to get in and out, so I need to take away places where they can just walk freely. My current idea is to use a second river as a wall, that essentially makes the village look like it's own island within an island. So far, I'm liking the feel of it, as well as how it looks, so I ended development for the day on that note. My thought is I'm going to come back to that tomorrow and see what my first thought it when I open the editor and view it. If I don't like it, I remove the river. If I do like it, I keep it. 

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