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Development Log: Fantasy Town Day 5

Posted by admin on December 11, 2015


Okay so this is actually work I did today, which is quite a bit and has left me feeling a bit tired after finishing it. Not good for me since I'm gonna need to next turn my attention to a story document for Space Scavengers. Exciting stuff, let's get talking. So today is Day 5 of my work on this latest project, and the world is finally starting to come together. Last time, I added in the houses and their extra variations, but had yet to populate the world any further. Today, I added in a bunch of smaller assets including fences, trees, bags of apples, axes, and so much more. And, to tell you the truth, I'm only about halfway done with this. I'm still going to have another complete session of just filling in the smaller things and getting this level to a point where I can start making changes and getting nit-picky. 

Smaller assets (50%)

So today, I specifically focused in on the houses and areas in the southern part of the map. My idea for this section of the level is that it is more of a forest with areas that have been cleared out for houses to be built. While I'm not going to go into detail about why I set up each house and surrounding area the way I did, I will summarize by saying that I want each house or house cluster to feel different, so I utilized different assets in different ways. Some houses are fenced in with actually fences, suggesting that their inhabitants maybe want a bit more privacy, while other houses seem to scream "stop by and say hi". I also have a lot of smaller assets to use, so I'm trying to use them all as best as possible. Some houses are the homes of people with specific jobs, so I tried to cater the house to make it look as such. Can you spot the lumberjack's house anywhere? I also added in things like a pier on the beach, and a couple of boats to suggest that there might be inhabitants that enjoy boating. The only area I really haven't touched yet it the town, and my plan is to handle that next session, as well as add in some "off the beaten trail" places. 

More terrain edits

Everytime I add in new assets, I realize that I need to make more terrain changes. So once again, I utilized the terrain editor to further polish the terrain and add in new sections. Today I zoned in on making a small cliff, which I surrounded with rocks and trees, to suggest that this might be a place people come to when they want to look out to see. I also used the terrain editor to take away some land from the island, slowly turning it into more into an island and less into a square that has water surrounding it. I'm pretty sure I'll be making terrain edits every time I work on this, which I'm okay with. 

Basic lighting

At this point, I've decided to add in a basic sky light, to show that there is a sun in the world. This included adding in a sky sphere to show the atmosphere. The reason I'm doing this is so I can see where shadows are being cast and how it changes the look of the world. I'll spend a day detailing lights, but adding in just this light along changes a lot of how the scene looks. I've included pictures so you can see for yourself. 


That's basically been my day of work in a very summarized statement. At this point I'm on to smaller asset detailing and just filling in this world so there are clear places where a Player can and can't walk. It's coming together, but the big thing to note right now is that this has taken me quite a bit of time already and I'm still only about half way done. But it's time well spent and this is what I love doing, which is why it's so enjoyable. 

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