Nick Joebgen

I've been into video games for about as long as I could remember. Long before my parents let me own a Gameboy, I would sit and pretend I had one in my hand, creating my own adventures out of thin air. Somehow, I could entertain myself for hours like this, leading my parents to remark that there was no need for me to have a game system, if I could just imagine it. While that was not the tipping point for me deciding to become a game designer, I look back and think that maybe that had something to do with it. 

Fast forward to present day, I'm now a game designer and currently located in Chicago, IL. I graduated from DePaul University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Game Design, focusing on Production and Design. My specialization is in system design, collaborating with a small team of designers to create wild and innovative new game systems that feel good to play. The reason I decided to specialize in system design is because of my versatility as a game developer, having knowledge in both the creative and technical sides. I take great pride and enjoyment owning much of the design process, coming up with game systems that are exciting, and then fine tuning them into a fun experience for Players. From leading team collaboration meetings, to managing the pipeline, and assuring that systems are as balanced as they can be, some of my greatest joys have been being able to take a project from being pitched to being shipped. I have the most professional experience working on and shipping mobile titles, but I also have worked on student projects that run on PC/Mac, and even in virtual reality spaces through the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR.

When not working, I try my best to stay connected in the video game development community, through a variety of outlets. I am a member of the GDC Conference Asssociate's family, and have a lot to be thankful for because of them. I also try to keep up to date with other developers through social media, striking up conversations on the latest game design trends and theories. I've participated in giving talks to students, and have even taught classes on the subject of game design and development. I make sure that I'm up to date on all the latest news and knowledge of the industry. Right now, one of my biggest fascinations is in virtual reality, and where it might lead to. I have worked on projects for the Oculus Rift  and am impressed with the technology. It'll be interesting to see where the technology leads us to, and how it changes the way games are viewed and played. 

I'd like to think I'm pretty trendy, as I have a Facebook Account, Twitter Account, and LinkedIn. I'd love to connect with you, maybe strike up a great conversation about games, sports, or good beer (I love a good craft beer). I can also be reached through my email account,