Nick Joebgen

Credited Titles

Damaged Core (Oculus Rift)

Role: Game Designer

Damaged Core is a First Person Shooter title developed by High Voltage Software and called a "9.5/10 – Near Masterpiece" by UploadVR. My role on the project including working on a later game level, utilizing intense encounter design, advanced scripting, and strong knowledge of Unreal Engine 4 to create the desired gameplay. I also worked closely with the art and engineering teams to ensure that performance parameters were met without sacrificing the gameplay and combat encounters in the level I was assigned. I also successfully fixed over two hundred bugs across three different levels, during Alpha and Beta.

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Paper Wings (PC)

Roles: System and Level Designer

Paper Wings is an independent project that I worked on as a system and level designer, built as a senior capstone project for DePaul University's Game Dev Capstone class. Paper Wings is a physics based flight game set in a cell-shaded mystic environment, loosely based on Chicago's iconic Millennium Park. Players pilot paper airplanes through control of the pilot, which runs around on top and uses weight to control the craft like a balance board. I designed the content and systems for the game, created the game documents, built the levels used and the UI seen, and handled all production tasks.

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Hunger Games: Panem Run (Mobile)

Roles: Production Intern

Panem Run is a mobile endless runner game that I worked on as a production intern at Robomodo, LLC. Much of my week was spent looking over builds to find out what content was recently added so I could create the weekly build reports for the publishers to view. I also handled the production backlogs, creating meeting minutes, and building milestone documents. I was also in charge of daily testing and tracking bug reports for Panem Run, as well as interacting with the other team members and supporting them however possible.  

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Spacetanks: P50 (Mobile)

Roles: QA Tester

Spacetanks: P50 is a mobile title that I assisted in shipping, as a Quality Assurance Tester, while working for Chicago Shipyard Tools and Games. My daily goals on this project were to ensure the overall high quality of the project by testing the latest game builds on various mobile devices, creating and executing test cases, and documenting all notes and bugs I found with great detail. From deep dives of specific areas, to general game and level testing, and documenting the fun and difficulty factors of each level, my role on this project helped to ensure that the best version of the game was released.

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